Achieving business goals through business intelligence

At Inteleron, Expertise Makes the Difference

At Inteleron, we are "enterprise intelligence" personified. Comprised of consultants with extensive project management experience combined with deep backgrounds in the design and implementation of the Hyperion suite of products, we give you confidence that can only come from being advised by one of the best.

Our consultants have degrees in finance and accounting – possessing years of hands-on experience as Hyperion Certified Professionals. In fact, our founders come directly from Hyperion Solutions.

Our culture at Inteleron is driven from the top down, providing some of the most intimate knowledge available anywhere in EPM.

Thoughtful Analysis, Customized For Success

Financial analysis can often focus on sagging performance measures instead of getting to the root cause. It’s a common tale when key financial managers have to deal with complicated data that can seem disconnected – leaving no easy way to strategically track performance.

Our aptitude for meeting these challenges is unsurpassed. We analyze and dissect every aspect of your system, communication objectives and measurement criteria, then close the loop for a single end product that is both articulate and comprehensive.

Simply put, we provide a workable solution that will continually support recognized methodologies and industry benchmarks, allow you to better measure performance, monitor progress and, importantly, deliver reliable outcomes. It is an approach tailored to your business and yours alone, empowering you to succeed like never before.

Partnerships Made To Last

Ultimately, what our partners seek from Inteleron is the ability to dramatically reduce financial close and reporting cycles, help properly manage internal control risks and improve alignment of strategies, plans and key resources throughout the organization.

At Inteleron, we are with you every step of the way making sure your reporting of financial and operational data is optimized for accuracy and timeliness.

Our aim is to provide the most personal service and the best results in our business.  When we've completed a successful system design and implementation, it only signifies the beginning of our dedication to our client's success.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service during all phases of the project.  Whether it's design, implementation or training, we will be part of your team to leverage your investment and deliver a solution that meets your every need.