Achieving business goals through business intelligence


Inteleron was formed because its founders identified a serious need for value-added services in financial systems consulting.  We take our client’s valuable data and transform it into usable information that can be easily accessed.  Just as the need exists for brilliant software products such as Oracle’s Hyperion products, so too is there a need for comprehensive consulting that can be held up to the same quality standards.  This is where Inteleron excels.  And we do it without the prices normally associated with corporate level financial systems consulting.  Our dual-edged capabilities – strength of knowledge and depth of experience – enable us to create efficiencies you will experience nowhere else, saving you significant costs on your financial systems projects.

Our job is to help you get through the process.  Business Inteligence systems transform disjointed corporate data into meaningful information.  When utilized in conjunction with powerful reporting tools, the availability of this new, concise, at-a-glance information results in the formation of actionable business decisions and corporate success.

Data is one of your company's most valuable assets, but until it is transformed into easily usable information, its value is nearly useless.

We help you turn piles of collected data into a competitive asset.  We help you improve your ability to capture, analyze and distribute information.  You develop greater insight into your business, accelerate decision making, and improve your ability to react to rapidly changing market conditions.

It is crucial for your company's key players to have immediate access to data.  Data that is neither accessible nor presented in a clear format will not be understood and will not be used.  This puts your business at a clear disadvantage in the marketplace.

Inteleron brings domain knowledge and technical expertise to the table and will guide you and your team through each step of your project.  We will train your staff to be self-sufficient and utilize the application to its fullest extent.