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OneStream XF

OneStream XF offers an all-encompassing CPM solution for financial consolidations, budgeting/planning, reporting, analytics and financial data quality. OneStream offers a unique option allowing business unites to report and plan at a more granular level of detail than corporate without impacting corporate - all in a single application. OneStream's ability to house all information in a single application reduces time spent validating across multiple products and keeping all that data synchronized. 

OneStream is extremely user friendly and allows for quick and simple modifications deployable to all parts of the application and to all users. OneStream XF can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise for clients who prefer not to go cloud-based. 

Oracle Performance Management Applications

Oracle's Hyperion performance management applications are a modular suite of integrated applications that support a broad range of strategic and financial performance management processes while delivering predictable results, improving transparency and compliance, and increasing business alignment. Hyperion’s suite of performance management applications enable the collection, organization, analysis, and distribution of information throughout your enterprise.

In addition, Oracle's performance management applications leverage Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation and Oracle Fusion Middleware to integrate data from multiple sources and provide dashboards, reporting, and analysis. The suite offers powerful, integrated reporting and analysis tools, including production reporting, graphical analysis, and a MS Office interface built for use by end-users.

Hyperion Planning

Oracle Hyperion Planning is a centralized, Excel and Web-based planning, budgeting and forecasting solution that integrates financial and operational planning processes and improves business predictability.


  • Ensure accuracy - Validate forecasts with integrated, best-in-class analytics
  • Reduce budgeting time - Improve cycles by weeks or months
  • Align the organization - Combine financial and operational planning in one system
  • Address finance needs quickly - Meet immediate finance needs while enabling operations-specific budgeting processes
  • Maximize modeling capabilities - Support advanced, power user modeling capabilities with nearly seamless Microsoft Excel integration
  • Gain mass user acceptance - Appeal to a wider user community through a simplified Web interface
  • Reduce implementation time - Add quick-to-implement, packaged functional planning modules

Hyperion Financial Management

Oracle Hyperion Financial Management is a comprehensive, Web-based application that delivers global financial consolidation, reporting and analysis in a single, highly scalable software solution. Oracle Hyperion Financial Management utilizes today's most advanced technology, but can be easily owned and maintained by an enterprises finance team.


  • Accelerate reporting cycles - Reduce closing cycles by days, deliver more timely results to internal and external stakeholders
  • Improve transparency and compliance - Helps reduce the cost of compliance (as stipulated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, electronic filing, and other regulatory requirements) and support disclosure requirements, such as sustainability reporting
  • Perform strategic analysis - Spend less time on processing and more time on value-added analysis
  • Deliver a single truth - Provide a single version of the truth to support financial management and statutory reporting
  • Easily integrate - Integrate not only with Hyperion products but also with your existing infrastructure

Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management

As companies grow and evolve, it becomes essential to manage master data across information silos that result from mergers and acquisitions, departmental initiatives, or legacy system proliferation. Data consistency, integrity, quality and accuracy suffer. And, no one trusts the information and insight that ensues. Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management, (previously known as Hyperion Master Data Management) provides enterprises with a solution to build consistency within master data assets despite endless changes within the underlying transactional and analytical systems.

Specifically, Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management provides the industry's first data model-agnostic master data management solution built to enable financial and analytical master data management in dynamic, fast-changing business environments.

Financial Master Data Management

Create an enterprise view of financial chart of accounts, cost centers and legal entities with a view to govern on-going financial management and consolidation based on consistent definitions of financial and reporting structures across general ledger systems, financial consolidation, planning and budgeting systems.

Analytical Master Data Management

Create an enterprise view of analytical dimensions, reporting structures, performance measures and their related attributes and hierarchies using Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management's data model-agnostic foundation. Construct departmental perspectives that bear referential integrity and consistency with master data constructs based on validations and business rules that enforce enterprise governance policies. Synchronize master data with downstream systems including business intelligence (BI)/enterprise performance management (EPM) systems, data warehouses and data marts to gain trustworthy insight.

Oracle Essbase

Oracle Essbase is the industry-leading OLAP (online analytical processing) server. Oracle Essbase enables the business to quickly model complex business scenarios. For example, Oracle Essbase makes it easy for line-of-business personnel to develop and manage analytic applications that model complex scenarios, forecast the business and perform "what-if" analyses in order to look into the future. Oracle Essbase supports extremely fast query response times for vast numbers of users, for large data sets, and for complex business models. It is hot-pluggable across any data source.


  • Richest business user experience - Delivers "speed-of-thought" query response time so users can quickly understand the metrics that influence business performance, ask questions, and make informed decisions. With its outstanding Microsoft Office integration, Oracle Essbase resonates with business and financial analysts alike. In addition, a suite of reporting tools satisfies the diverse needs of users across the enterprise. Whether inside a spreadsheet, through formatted reports, via a powerful ad hoc graphical interface, or a data visualization paradigm, business users can easily and intuitively understand what drives the business.
  • Highly advanced calculation engine - At its core, Oracle Essbase is the most advanced, high performance calculation engine on the market. It ships with over 350 pre-built, out-of-the-box functions, accelerating the development of complex business models. A single point of maintenance makes it easy for an administrator to manage business rules.
  • Best custom analytic environment - Oracle Essbase enables line-of-business personnel to drive application design and rapid iterations. The highly graphical "outline" technology makes it easy to build dimensions, hierarchies, metrics, and scenarios. Oracle Essbase's unique multi-user read/write technology allows the creation of forward looking applications such as trending, forecasting and scenario analysis. It is the Oracle Essbase engine that powers the Hyperion Planning suite of applications.